Zen Ki Yoga® poses SHORT COURSE - EARN CPD points (3 month duration)

Study some of the basic poses for each meridian (over 100 poses included). 15- 30 CPD points

This is a short course on Zen Ki Yoga® poses and is great for anyone wanting to take their Japanese Yoga style deeper. It's great for general interest AND for teachers of the style wanting to refine some of their poses. Yoga teachers of other styles and prospective Japanese style yoga students wanting to know more about Zen Ki Yoga® will benefit from this course.

This course has over 100 poses covering each of the 5 elements earth, metal, water, wood and fire and 11 out of the 12 meridians. (the Triple Heater is in lots of the poses in this course, but it is mostly covered in the full training). There are between 8-12 poses for each of the meridians including stomach, spleen, large intestine, lung, kidney, bladder, liver, gall bladder, heart, small intestine and heart constrictor meridians.

Basic Zen Ki Yoga® Poses course includes:
• detailed instruction for almost 100 poses
• email and/or phone support from the instructor
• almost 8 hours of online tuition = over 30 hours of work with the suggested Watch/Do/Write/Learn program
• assessment for full CPD points (15+ CPD without assessment/30+ CPD with assessment for YA)
• a healthier, stronger YOU

Your Instructor

Janie Larmour
Janie Larmour

Janie Larmour has been looking after people’s health for 27 years and is renowned for her impassioned yoga instruction, extensive knowledge and unique teaching style, which incorporates impeccable alignment with a true appreciation of human anatomy.

She has been teaching yoga for 22 years, specialising in Zen Ki Yoga® and ran the yoga studio The Centre of Yoga for 13 years. www.thecentreofyoga.com with two studios in Sydney, Australia an online yoga website www.zenkiyogatherapy.com featuring over 90 specific healing and general wellbeing classes and ONLINE courses for teachers and general interest for non-yogis and has over 20 yoga DVDs which she sells internationally.

Since 2008, Janie has been a regular speaker at yoga conferences and festivals in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra (Australia) and the International Yoga Festival in New Zealand, the Om Yoga Show in London and Manchester and the USA in cities including Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Denver, Houston, Washington DC, Silicon Valley, San Diego and Downtown LA. She is also a regular guest teacher at BOLD MindBody Conference in the USA being invited to teach at their conference in San Diego, Anaheim and New York City.

Janie also leads comprehensive teacher training courses all over Australia and worldwide in person and online, training workshops, yoga retreats and regular classes.

Apart from the Teacher Training Diploma courses, Janie teaches workshops for teachers and the general public such as bladder strengthening, anxiety, women’s health (including healing period pain & endometriosis, ‘The Truth About Food’, breathing workshops, ‘Anatomy and Movement for Yoga Teachers’ and ‘Back Pain Therapy Teacher Training’ (Australia wide/International).

Course Curriculum

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When does the course start and finish?
The course starts as soon as you purchase it and you have 3 months of unlimited access to all the materials in the course.

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