Zen Ki Yoga® - how it works

Zen Ki Yoga ® works on toning and strengthening your organs making your digestive system work more efficiently and effectively. Zen Ki Yoga's theory is aligned with that of Zen Shiatsu, the 5-element theory and Traditional Chinese Medicine which all use face and body diagnosis to determine imbalances within the body.

The shape of your body is determined by your strengths and weaknesses. For example, the shape and size of your bottom comes from the strength and health of your bladder and large intestine. A double chin develops from weaknesses in several organs and different parts of your chin relate specific organs and you can also lose your jawline from a lack of good quality sea salt in our diets - something we are often told to cut out completely!!!

Every part of your body can change by strengthening your internal organs. Once you get the energy flowing properly through all of your 12 major meridians, your body will also be more efficient in metabolising fat, carbohydrates and protein and your body will change.

So now you might have guessed that 'YES' you can spot reduce (meaning you can target specific problem areas for weight loss).

Zen Ki Yoga ® is also based on the macrobiotic diet and as I've mentioned in other courses, diet is the quickest way to change the body, however, it's not always essential. I've had many yoga students who haven't changed their diet and they have changed their body shape and lost weight without too many changes in their diet. If you find that you are not getting the results you want, you then will have to make some changes. Follow our detox program to get a kick start and then follow all of the advice to assimilate this information into your everyday diet.

The great news is that regular Zen Ki Yoga ® practice will put you in a frame of mind and encourage you to WANT to eat in a more healthy way. More good news is that we don't believe in starving you NOR cutting calories etc. Even in our detox program, you will be eating food xx

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