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Zen Ki Yoga® for Women's Health Teacher Training

Learn this unique yoga, diet and mind system to get rid of your period pain, increase fertility, balance hormones, alleviate back pain, strengthen the bladder and give women back their power as we strengthen them internally.

This is a Japanese style of yoga based on working with the meridians just like an acupuncturist would except you use your body to work the meridian lines. You also have the added bonus of strengthening and softening organs and muscles around and within the pelvis to allow for proper blood, energy and hormone flow.

Learn this amazing style of yoga (with no salute to the suns and almost no down dogs!!) and learn how to heal yourself and your clients with principles based on Traditional Chinese Medicine AND modern exercise science. Janie Larmour’s Zen Ki Yoga® has assisted countless women alleviate period pain and endometriosis without any medical intervention, improve fertility, strengthen bladders and assist with a range of other women's health issues.

With the use of these techniques, you or your client's will notice a positive difference from the first cycle and should give close-to-total relief by 6 – 12 months, depending on current levels of discomfort and health.

In this course you will learn:

  • the causes of period pain and how simple it really is to get back into balance
  • about blood quality and how diet can improve it or make it worse
  • pelvic anatomy for a better understanding of the healing process
  • tutorials for Zen Ki Yoga® poses and short easy-to-follow routines
  • full length (45 min – 1 hour) yoga classes for to suit all situations
  • meridians and which ones we need to focus on to alleviate pain and improve reproductive health
  • detailed tutorials on key yoga poses in relation to the meridians to ensure you get the most out of the poses
  • how to strengthen specific organs that are usually weak and contribute to pain – including the bladder!!!
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine 101 – learn the secrets of Zen Ki Yoga®
  • the psychology around menstruation and how our beliefs, traditions and culture may contribute to pain

This course has other ‘side affects’:

  • a stronger bladder – no matter how weak the bladder is, Zen Ki Yoga® has specific moves that will strengthen your bladder without any Kegel exercises (which can, if performed incorrectly, actually weaken the bladder).
  • weight loss – as Zen Ki Yoga® shapes the internal body, it changes the external body, tone up and lose weight – even from stubborn areas
  • improved digestion – we will be toning and strengthening the digestive organs in this course, resulting in better digestion and excretory functions
  • improved skin quality – your skin is a reflection of your bowels. As your digestive system improves, so will your skin.
  • more balanced mood levels – moods and emotions can fluctuate due to hormones and other meridian imbalances. As we bring these into balance, there will be and experience of a more calm, centred and grounded client.
  • improved fertility – the same meridians, organs and energetics of this course are the same for improving your fertility!!!
  • a strong, toned belly – lots of core strength work without tightening or constricting energy flow…

Get ready to work and learn how to change the internal body to experience proper energy and blood flow through the pelvis to assist in healing women's health issues and to give them back their power, their connection to their inner self and their hearts - everything that makes women amazing!!!

Janie xx

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