About this course

In this course you will become an expert on the psoas muscle and how to release it by yourself without invasive, painful massage that can often damage other internal organs and body tissues.

I've seen some crazy stuff on the internet that is supposed to release the psoas, however, most of these techniques are detrimental to the digestive organs and other soft tissues. We go deeper without any harm! You will be using your own body with MOVEMENT to release this powerful and amazing muscle.

Using Zen Ki Yoga ® and the principles of yin and yang, you will feel improvement from your first attempt. You will also strengthen some of our vital organs: the kidneys and large intestine as well as getting more blood flow through your entire pelvis to nourish your reproductive system and you will relieve lower back pain. Tone your waist and your bum and feel lighter in your upper body as a result of lengthening this deep core muscle that affects your entire posture.


  • get rid of back pain
  • nourish your reproductive system
  • release your hip flexors
  • tone and strengthen your kidneys and large intestine (elimination organs)
  • get proper blood flow through your pelvis
  • get rid of hip pain and tension
  • strengthen your core
  • tone your waist
  • tone your bum
  • feel lighter and taller
  • connect to your deep self
  • become grounded and calm