Zen Ki Yoga ® by Janie Larmour - Period Pain Relief Course

Welcome to our Zen Ki Yoga ® Therapy course for women's health!!

In this course you will achieve more blood and energy flow through your pelvis. This will assist you in relieving back pain AND period pain. If you experience period pain, you will feel a difference within the first month/cycle and you should become pain free by 6 months.

Janie has helped countless women relieve their menstrual pain - even those who were told they would have to have an operation for endometriosis. Zen Ki Yoga ® works! It is so powerful and it is really based on common sense xxx Wait until you see for yourself.

You will also:

  • strengthen your bladder
  • feel lighter and more open throughout your body
  • improve your posture
  • improve your hormonal health
  • balance your menstrual cycle
  • decrease PMT symptoms
  • increase your fertility
  • improve your bowel health

There are 7 specific Zen Ki Yoga ® yoga classes that you can use as often as you like plus lots of information on lifestyle and diet to help you get the most out of this course. You will experience changes by just doing the classes and only need to change your diet if you want faster and more lasting results.

We will educate you on the basics of everything that Zen Ki Yoga ® is based on so you UNDERSTAND why you are doing what you are doing which helps you heal xxx

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